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We welcome parent involvement at Minihome. From sharing food and a drink at a social night to helping us understand you and your child's needs, to coming in and sharing your guitar skills!

We have a number of social events throughout the year where you can meet other families; this is a great way to build strong and happy relationships between families and the nursery through having fun. Events include our Spring Social night with Easter egg hunt; Summer fair; with cake sale, face painting and games; Big day out in Springfield Park with a fundraising toddle on the FAQs page and picnic; Halloween Social night and Christmas party with a special appearance from Father Christmas.
We love having parents come in to do activities with us, such as dance sessions, story telling, musical sessions and baking. We also invite you to read stories during Book week and Grandparents week.

In particular contributions to celebrations of different faiths and cultures are much appreciated as this moves us on from the realm of the cultural tourist into the realm of real people and valuing our friend's differences.
A weekly email Newsletter keeps families informed of some of the range of activities carried out in each room during the week, along with information on planned events and any matters for consideration by parents.

The Early Learning Goals state that 'Parents are children's first and most enduring educators. When parents and practitioners work together in early years' settings, the results have a positive impact on the child's development and learning. From the start, we offer a gradual transition and detailed induction process for children and parents who are invited to speak with their child's key worker and share information before their child starts the settling in proper. During the settling period we arrange for a home visit with each family, so that the child sees their key worker welcomed into their home and we can further our understanding of your child in their home context. A manager comes along to welcome each family to the nursery and discuss any matters arising from the settling in period and to ensure that parents have a clear understanding of our policies and procedures.

Key workers respond to the individual needs of families for information and feedback on their child's day to day experience of nursery and will give feedback in the form that suits the family best, including the things that the family wishes to be kept informed about. The family is contacted to contribute to our planning for their child each term and is encouraged to contribute to their child's developmental record in whatever way suits them.

Review meetings for Parents to discuss their child are held regularly to enable staff and parents to keep each other informed about the child's progress and to share advice and support. Additional parent meetings are offered for various development milestones such as the 2-year-old check which is done in conjunction with each child's health visitor.

Minihome aims to be clear in its arrangements with parents / carers so that you know what we expect from you and we know what you expect from us.

The nursery is a community that thrives on constructive criticism, transparency, enthusiasm and commitment, we invite parents to engage in discussions about nursery matters in our termly meetings with managers offered to parents as a group, our Annual Feedback Survey and our regular emails to parents regarding matters as they arise.



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