minihome is open 8am – 6pm

Payments are calculated for 52 weeks, minihome closes for a number of days each year including bank holidays, training days, whole nursery events and in addition for at least a week at Christmas.


Payment will be required one month in advance, by standing order.

On acceptance of a place, a deposit of £500 will be required. This will be held until your child leaves the nursery.

It will not be returned should your child not take up the place.


fee rates 2023

0-5 year olds

5 days
a week

4 days
a week

3 days
a week

2 days
a week

Monthly payment

1 928

1 629

1 235


Equivalent price per week






Equivalent price per day








3-5 year olds with government grants

5 days a week

4 days a week

3 days a week

2 days a week

Monthy payment with
15 hrs grant*

1 664

1 372



Monthy payment with
30 hrs grant**

1 443

1 151



Equivalent price per day
30 hrs grant **






* The Single Funding Formula 15 hrs grant is universal and starts in the term after your child's third birthday.

** The Extended Entitlement 30 hrs grant is means tested and starts in the term after you child's third birthday. You will be required to register with the HMRC in order for them to assess your eligibility and re-confirm your eligibility on a quarterly basis. Maintaining eligibility for the 30 hrs grant is your responsibility. Failure to maintain eligibility will mean that the 30 hrs grant rate will not be available to you until the following term.


  • Please use your child's full name as a reference for any payment.
    For bank details please contact Minihome.

    Standing Order
  • Please note that this payment is a standing order not a direct debit so any changes to it will have to be made by you with your bank.
  • We do not have access to your bank details, so we cannot make changes to the payments for you.

    Payment Expectations
  • Fees are due in advance on the 25th of the previous month.
  • Invoices are sent out around the 20th of each month. Any extra days booked after this date will appear on the following invoice.
  • The monthly payments should be paid by standing order. Any extra fees can be paid with a one off payment.

    Childcare Vouchers and Tax Free Childcare
  • If you are using childcare vouchers, simply deduct the amount of the childcare voucher payment from the fees due so that the balance adds up to the full amount.
  • Please use your child's full name as payment reference for any childcare voucher payments.
  • Also please note that your childcare voucher account will need to be activated by you to enable payments to be made to Minihome.
  • If you are using Tax Free Childcare please forward your payment reference to me


Updated 15 Dec 22




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