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We offer guided tours of the nursery every Thursday at 9.15am. You will need to book a place on this tour as numbers are strictly limited, please call us on 020 7249 0725 or email to arrange a visit.


The tour takes about an hour, you will be shown all areas of the nursery by the manager, Billie, and you are invited to ask as many questions as you like. You will be offered a Waiting list registration form. You can also download them here.

Parents Information Pack

You will need to register your child on our waiting list in order to be offered a place at Minihome. There is a registration fee of £10.

Register your interest here

The Registration fee is payable here:




Please get in contact if you have any questions about the nursery.




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Information you give us will be treated in the strictest of confidence




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Our most recent OFSTED report can be viewed by entering our URN on OFSTED's Inspection Report Page at their website.


Our OFSTED URN is EY248301.

The report is here.

How long is the waiting list?
Its more of a waiting pool because:

  • You are only in competition with the families that want a similar place to you.

  • Some families want a place now, some next month, some next year.

  • Some need a baby place, some a toddler and some an over 2 or 3 year old place.

  • Some want part time 2 days, some 3 and some full time.

  • Some want the beginning of the week and some the end.

  • Even if you have a higher priority because you registered before someone else, if you do not want a place until a future time a place may be offered to that other person because they want to start now and they have the priority amongst the group of people interested in starting now.

  • You will find that others may move ahead of you on the same basis, you may be second in line for a place available now, but find that in 2 months time other people who registered before you enter the frame of reference and your priority position drops.

  • Your place requirements may never fit with the places that come up.

  • Due to school admissions in September, most place offers we make are to start from September to March.

  • Most children enter minihome as toddlers between 12 and 18 months in age and stay until leaving for school or school nursery.

  • If an older child leaves we generally move children up into their place and offer a toddler place, this makes places for older children less likely to be offered.

  • All of these factors mean that it is less common for us to have spaces for children over 24 months in age. Part time places for children in the 24 month to 36 month band have come up at the rate of 4 a year during the last couple of years.

  • Places for children in the 36 month plus group have come up at the rate of 2-3 a year during the last couple of years.

  • Your child may never get a place offer.

  • Our admissions policy may help you to understand this area of confusion - see right hand column. See also our Waiting List Registration document.


What is a good time to call?
After 10am and before 4pm, at other times many parents are coming and going and it’s hard to take calls.

Why is it hard to speak to someone on the phone?
We try to be out in the nursery rather than in the office so do leave us a message we will return your call pretty promptly if it’s easily dealt with hopefully on the same day.

Why can’t I just come in and have a look around when it suits me?
• We only accept visitors by appointment as a matter of security and convenience for us at minihome.
• Grouping visitors enables us to spend a manageable amount of time showing people around.
• We want to minimize the disturbance and upset caused to children by the presence of strangers.


Minihome operates a waiting list for families interested in places for their children. The date at which you register gives you a priority in relation to other families but it is not the only factor taken into consideration:


  • In the first place children at the nursery are given the option to increase their number of days by taking on a vacant place should they wish to. There is an internal waiting list for this.

  • In the second place offers are made to siblings of children at nursery.

  • In the third place we make offers to those families on the waiting list requesting a start date in proximity to the vacant place start date who require a similar attendance pattern to the vacant space. We prefer to maintain 5 day places when they become available, rather than split them into 2 and 3 day places. Within this group offers are made in order of priority established by date of registration on the waiting list.

  • We welcome children with special needs. We aim to meet their needs to the best of our abilities in conjunction with outside professionals.

  • You will receive a phone call if we have a place to offer you.

  • There is no guarantee of a place offer.




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Our OFSTED No. is EY248301


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