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We believe that a child learns best and most deeply, by direct experience of the interactions with people around them; the routines, activities, situations, environments and objects, all the stuff of life.
Your child’s key worker will establish a secure relationship with your child so that they can take full advantage of the diverse provision at minihome, learning by watching how people behave, by what is valued and by direct involvement with the prepared environment.

Your keyworker will visit you and your child at home in the first week of settling in, so that your child can see them welcomed into your home. One of our managers will accompany them to discuss any aspects of the settling in process with you and to draw your attention to some of our policies and procedure so that you are well informed.

We follow the aims and curriculum guidance of the EYFS to support and assess child development in 3 prime areas of learning:


As they become relevant we also introduce the 4 specific areas of learning:


We plan for children as individuals as well as part of a group, so that the activities and experiences provided for your child in support of their development in all areas of learning are interesting to them and appropriately challenging for their age and stage. Parents are invited to contribute to our understanding of their child and to suggest things for us to focus on with their child. Key workers share their knowledge of their key children with each other and all contribute to the care and learning of your child.




Here at minihome we have four rooms for the under-5s:

young children visitng a dinosaur in a museum with minihome nursery



scrapbook at minihome nursery


We compile a series of scrapbooks of your child's time at Minihome built from photos of what they do all day, samples of things that they make, written observations, plans for activities and assessments of their development along with notes of special moments. These become a keepsake for you and function as part of our ongoing observation and assessment record of our child.



young children visitng a dinosaur in a museum with minihome nursery



scrapbook at minihome nursery


Every day children in 3+ go on a 30 minute walk in the local area. The walks focus on different areas of learning each time. In any week they might look at the changing seasons, spot shapes, numbers or letters in the environment. They might go for a run, noticing changes in their bodies whilst improving their gross motor abilities and fitness levels. They have gone out to spot people doing different kinds of work including traffic wardens, rubbish collectors, police and many more. Activities for the role play area have been supported by visits to local shops, such as travel agents, opticians and hairdressers for ideas and resources. Smaller groups go further afield to China town, the science museum and local city farms every so often. We also take mixed age groups out on a number of local outings each week, which children access in turn so that all get a chance to go out somewhere in the local area each month. This includes Clissold park to use the climbing frames and swings, see the animals and go paddling; Dalston market to buy interesting fruit for snack time, the pet shop and the library.



music with fay


teacher with puppet at minihome nursery

special sessions

Currently we have sessional teachers broadening our curriculum with:





children at play at minihome nursery in a tee-pee...


outside play

This year we have completely re-landscaped our garden. The new layout includes a sandpit and mud kitchen, dry river bed with mini bridges and two climbing platforms connected by a rope bridge. This is underpinned by a fall safe surface topped with fake grass.

All of our children spend a lot of time in our garden every day, weather permitting.

childern playing in the  minihome nursery garden

Babies love to use the push along carts and bikes as they begin to walk. Hours of fun are had with water and bubbles throughout the summer and ice in winter. For small babies just feeling the wind in the air, seeing the trees and leaves moving and the light changing are all vital parts of their sensory experiences. Laying on a blanket listening to stories or playing with rattles and musical instruments are also firm favourites.

Toddlers engage in ball games, small circle games, chasing and catching, as well as the opportunities for exploration and discovery and love running with the buggies. We draw attention to the features of the natural world, grow plants together and investigate the mini-beasts and animals that we come across. We provide, sand, water, mud play and other types of sensory play. There are large blocks to build with, bikes and scooters and our new platforms to climb on and develop gross motor skills.

childern playing in the  minihome nursery garden

2 year olds enjoy using the tricycles and scooters, they start to play ball games, kicking, throwing and catching, small circle games, chasing and catching. They often take their role play with their peers outside, going on shopping trips with their dolls in buggies and playing at being families together. They take turns (with support) in organising the flow of play and negotiating the roles. They love balancing and climbing on the climbing frame and spending time in the sand pit with scoops and spoons.

Pre School children enjoy using the tricycles and scooters too. They also play football, racket and ball games, throwing and catching. They often take their role play with their peers outside, organising increasingly complex scenarios, frequently Super heroes, Pirates, Baddies and Police, or Princesses and Princes. They take turns and need very little adult support in organising the flow of play and negotiating the roles.

a child playing in the miniohome nursery garden


They enjoy building with the big crates and wooden blocks, making castles, dens, pirate ships and racing cars. In the sandpit they build sand castles and bake cakes. The climbing frame is a firm favourite as well as the mud kitchen where they experiment with water and soil, mixing, pouring and stirring.

Pre School children also enjoy a weekly session at the Swapa adventure playground which is just around the corner and which provides the children with many huge gross motor challenges and a lot of fun! Here we can also create a fire circle on wintery days where the children enjoy the excitement of watching the flames and learning about fire safety in a natural context.



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